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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

How to install android studio

Android studio is a development environment for creating android apps.

To install it you first will need to download it from here. After you have downloaded it you will have a file called something like "". You need to unzip this file to be able to use it.

To do this run:

You should now have a directory that looks something like this:
You now need to enter the "bin" folder and run the script  "". If you are unsure how to run the script:
Now complete the setup following the instructions it gives you, once you are done close the program down, we can now start installing the program.
Do this after you have completed all of the other steps as you will have to reconfigure it so it will waste your time otherwise.

Steps to install:
  1. Locate where your android studio bin folder is located.
  2. Add this to your PATH variable.
  3. Rename to studio.
Step 1:
First you need to cd to the unzipped android studio folder as shown in the picture earlier on. You then need to cd to the bin folder. You can now rename to studio.
mv studio

You can now run the pwd command to get the full location of your directory.

You can now see that the directory is located at "/home/matty/Downloads/android-studio/bin"

We now need to add this path to your PATH variable. We do this so that you can type studio and open up the android studio from the terminal.


Note: YOUR PATH TO THE DIRECTORY is what we have just got from the pwd command, this should be added without the quotes for the above command.

You should now be able to type "android" into your terminal and it will open the android studio.

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